How I spend my Saturday mornings…

Saturday mornings are usually for sleep ins, to recharge from the long work week.

For me however, I prefer to recharge on the bike, waking up at around 5 am to start riding with some friends (and it’s mostly always with friends, as if it wasn’t, then I would just stay in bed) around Hong Kong.

What I love about cycling, even though the routes and roads are about the same, each time holds new adventures, and this is what gets me up at that hour.

This time, I was joined by my old friend Jon Colbear, who I met when I first came over to Hong Kong.  We went to the same church as I had in London, but a talk about church quickly descended into bike talk.  He had just arrived.  He didn’t have a road bike.  I loaned him my spare bike.  We rode a lot together.  Now we’re good friends – who mostly see each other on Saturday mornings.

He was joined by two friends – James and Jules – two guys were had seen a lot of mileage, one was a consultant, the other, I actually didn’t get to that part, we don’t talk about work that much — but I did find out they were trying to start a cycling clothing company – hence the matching jerseys and kit.

This time, we went from Kowloon station, over Tai Po Road, for a brief stop to see the monkeys, then on to Chinese University via the hills, then down to Tai Po — it was one this hill that we met a sparky 17 year old… he passed me quickly and went with Jules and James, who are faster.  We later found out that we was 17, trains 6 days a week, and also just started riding 7 months ago… oh how I mispent my youth!  I could have been hanging around and kicking the butts off middle aged wannabes as well!



He was a nice chap – and we chit chatted all the way to Brides Pool, where surprisingly, we showed him a helipad climb he didn’t know about…

IMG_1916 (1)

The guy in the blue white and red was the young kid showing all us middle aged people the rear of his wheel.

After the climb, we went for noodles and coffee, Jon tried to order ‘a latte’ as usual, still hoping that one day there will be a place in the countryside that isn’t isn’t instant coffee with evaporated milk… no luck this time!

Our ride back was via the coast of Tai Po to Shatin, but we only made it to University station.  Being about 38 degrees on the road, we decided to get on the train instead and cool down as we headed back over to Kowloon side.  It was about 12 noon … the other passengers gave us wide berth.

Next time, we’ll have to register for one of these though to take our bikes on the train!

All in all, about 1000 m of climbing over 90km.

Just another lovely morning out, meeting new friends, going to some new roads with new friends and getting some fresh morning air!

Here’s the route for the Strava users!


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