Kelvin here!

What you’ll find here is a collection of my thoughts, writings and insight to events going on mainly in social innovation and entrepreneurship here in Hong Kong.

In almost of a blink of an eye, I’ve been in this sector for almost 10 years now!

It’s often over coffee, I’ll be chatting with friends about things, and often some interesting thoughts come up, which others would say, Hey, maybe you should write about that, but besides the odd Facebook post, nothing is really happens.  That’s why I created this page, to collate my thoughts – hope you will get something from it!

Some of the writing will be a commentary of what’s going on in the social innovation space in Hong Kong, as that’s what people expect me to talk about, so mind as well collect my thoughts here!

The other bits are about my life and expect lots on cycling around the world as well, as almost anywhere I go, I like to take my bike with me to explore.

Like many people of my generation, my writing style can be described as ‘conversational’ and being the ‘internet’ generation, full of links to other pages and inspiration as well,

Hope you enjoy.

Brief Snapshot of Kelvin’s personal, academic and work life

  • 1983 Born in Hong Kong
  • 1989 Moved to Toronto, Canada and has pretty much the typical Chinese-Canadian upbringing
  • 2006 Finishes his BaH in History and decides to pick up and move to Hong Kong, as a stop over until when teachers college starts in New Zealand.  Spends 3 months in Beijing learning Mandarin.
  • August 2006 Has a bad experience of Beijing.  Gets accepted to a Masters in International Development at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London.  Decides to ‘jump ship’ and go to London in September to do this Masters instead, basically because he doesn’t want to spend another 3 months in Beijing.  Lands in London with a suitcase and an open mind.
  • 2008 After his Masters, starts interning in London at various organisations.  Hard to find work.  So decides to start up FoodCycle from an idea borrowed from the USA instead.
  • 2013 after 5 years building up the charity, and 7 years in London, hands over the charity and moves back to Hong Kong to start UnLtd in Hong Kong, which is the social innovation incubator that helped him start FoodCycle.
  • 2015 Starts working at the GoodLab, Hong Kong’s social innovation consultancy and co-working space in addition to his position as CEO of UnLtd HK.


Brief Snapshot of notable moments in Kelvin’s relationship with cycling

  • 1999 Starts cycling to summer school as the bus was too damn slow and well, it’s summer in Toronto.
  • 2000 Without a car, how do you get around?  Start biking.  The glory days of cycling.  Wear whatever you have and disappear into the Don Valley Mountain bike trails.  Often return home hours later with bloody knees and a face full of mud.
  • 2001 A bunch of guys from school want to cycle from Vancouver to Toronto for charity.  Why not?  Buys road bike (Specialized Allez) and starts training.  5000 km in a month.  Now officially hooked on cycling.
  • 2002-2005 Enters some races but never has the ambition or the discipline to go anywhere.  Also, there were a little too many crashes to his liking.
  • 2005 Picks up teaching spinning at the local gym to earn a little pocket money.  Still teaches to this day!
  • 2006-2013 The London years.  Riding is everyday. Commuting.  Weekends.  In the gym.  Rides in Europe, and all over London.  Starts to really understand what real mountains are.
  • 2014-present Back in Hong Kong, everyday riding is a little less, but still teaches in the spin studio, sometimes commutes to work, and almost always out with the guys on the weekends for a ride.  Never been in ‘racing’ unless it’s too the next coffee stop.